Welcome to - the home of Vault Computer, LLC. We offer the world's first and most secure production computers for sale to individuals, industry and governments.

If you want a computer that no one can break into, not even the experts, and will not give up your data then you have found it. The entire computer OS hard drive is encrypted and converted into a vault.

The first and most obvious difference with an Encrypted Vault Computer is that there is no “foot in the door” with new hardware encryption. The computer will not boot up without the proper key inserted. This means no hack tools are possible - there is no back door. You can now control who uses the computer and who sees the data on it.

Moreover, if the computer is stolen or the encrypted hard drive is removed it will not reveal any data. No forensic techniques can be applied and your data is secure from unwanted investigation. The data is invisible, irretrievable, unbreakable and secure from unauthorized access – period.

All models with the encryption option are US Government level security and  HIPAA compliant. Additionally, a new workstation model has been added.

We use Windows 10 and 8.1 Pro supporting all major languages or Windows 7 Pro as preferred. Windows Server 2012 and Linux is available on server models.  Available soon will be Server 2016. Our hardware encryption method is compatible with all operating systems. If you want a fast, high performance computer with 100% secure data this is the computer for you.

100% Totally Secure Data