100% Totally Secure Data

Due to demand for performance computers you may now buy a Vault Computer with or without the encryption solution. If you want encryption your computer will come with an encryption engine and keys. You simply plug the key in and the computer boots normally. No Key – No Start; NO DATA WILL BE AVAILABLE. Unauthorized access is impossible with proper key control.

What if someone removes your hard drive for forensic investigation or to retrieve data for any reason?

No Key – No Data, period! You are 100% protected from anyone seeing, using or stealing your data.

If you use your computer daily the key panel is usually conveniently placed on the front of the computer for ease of access. The key is a small mini USB programed dongle. For security, once the computer is started the key may be removed until the next restart. No one has your key code but you. If you lose a key another can only be made from one of your spare keys.

The encryption used is 256 bit AES using the newer CBC mode. This is government certified and unbreakable. Your data is secure and protected.

Our prices for these high quality computers are competitive (even less than) with the high-end products of the big computer manufacturers. However, we use better quality components with the latest features and you can have the benefits of encrypted secure data for about the same price.

 Power/Server Computer Model with standard features is ~$4000/5000.

NEW: Government Workstation Model with standard features is ~$2900

Add On features include:

  • Two Encryption Engines (one extra - free) installed for Main Hard Drive and extra drive option + $500

  • Eight-Core Processor @ 4GHz/core + $80, Four-Core @4.2GHz/core is standard

  • Blue Ray + $100

  • Higher Performance Video card + $150. Very good video is already standard

  • Internal/External Hard Drive with encryption (requires extra HDD) + $300

  • Internal/External Hard Drive without encryption (requires extra HDD) + $200

  • Extra Hard Drive (free install) for computer or Internal/External Hard Drive – 500 Gb SATA 6Gb/sec + $100, or 1Tb SATA 6Gb/sec + $140 and 2Tb SATA 6Gb/sec +$220. Larger capacities are available

Models, Options & Costs

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